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As an item of outdoor clothing, the vest, also known as a gilet, is extremely practical; it warms and protects when needed while at the same time providing total freedom of movement and good ventilation.

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  • Light and practical outdoor vest in fast-drying MT and G-1000 Lite. Fixed adjustable hood, two hand pockets and elastic band at the lower hem.

  • Vest in quick-drying and lightweight MT fabric. 11 practical pockets for small and large items.

  • Technical trekking vest in G-1000 Eco and stretch fabric that give perfect protection against cold winds but still plenty of freedom of movement. Generous chest pockets.

  • Reversible down vest with durable G-1000 Eco on one side and pliant polyamide on the other. The perfect reinforcement garment with four pockets.

  • Roomy vest with soft feel. Elastic sides for increased mobility and flexibility. Lined with smooth, nylon fabric and padded with polyester.

  • Practical vest in G-1000® Lite with mesh lining. Classic reporter design with many smart pockets, including side pockets with double entry.

Se afişează 1-6 din 6 de articole