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Jacheta Delta ACE Plus


O jacheta hibrida revolutionara pentru activitati fizice extreme la temperaturi foarte scazute.

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Buzunare Frontale2
Greutate700g (marimea L)

Descriere Produs

The jacket for extreme physical activities at very cold and windy climatic conditions.

For the worst possible outdoor conditions, the Delta AcE Plus jacket provides excellent comfort properties, maximum wind protection and permanently water repellent thermal insulation.

Best possible thermal insulation and heat management.

In order to reliably protect the temperature sensitive upper and lower arms against cold temperature, the sleeves are lined with G- Loft thermo insulation lining. Additional weather protection is provided by a permanently water resistant and windproof outer material of the sleeves.
For an efficient moisture management, the sides, the contours of the back and the armpit areas are made out of 37.5™ micro fleece from COCONA® Inc.


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